Episode 36 - Warrior Advisors Have Laser-Like Focus w Olympian, Paul Kingsman

September 7, 2017

Kirk and Matt are joined by Paul Kingsman. Paul wrote the book, "The Distraction Proof Advisors". He speaks to, writes and coaches top advisors on how to pursue and achieve a laser-like focus. Paul shares four common ways advisors get distracted and how that distracts them from generating more revenue, more profit, more client time, more personal time and more fun in their practices. Paul also shares his experience competing in the 1988 Olympics and how it shaped his coaching business.


Episode 32 - How To Leverage Impact Investing In Your Practice with Sonya Dreizler

August 18, 2017

Sonya defines Impact Investing (also known as SRI, ESG...) and it's growing role in an advisor's practice. Sonya breaks down the jargon and acronyms popping up in this new area of responsible investing and steps advisors need to consider to begin understanding, talking with clients about and implementing into their practice.


Episode 29 - 5 Questions Advisors Ask About Connecting with HNW Prospects (w John Frankot)

August 1, 2017

Matt and Kirk chat with John Frankot of Triple-R-Media about five common questions advisors ask John about connecting with and attracting high net worth prospects. John defines what a true HNW prospect is and addresses advisors' insecurities about working with the HNW. We also discuss simple tactics to find, approach and engage the HNW market most advisors aspire to work with. 



Episode 28 - Why Advisors Should Care About Behavioral Finance

July 10, 2017

Prasad Ramani, founder of Syntoniq, joins us to discuss the simple and compelling applications of behavioral finance in an advisor's practice and a client's life. Prasad discusses: why is BF important, how does it impact client investment behavior, why is it a factor when it comes to business development, and how BF can be used to develop and strength relationships with new and existing clients. 


Episode 27 - The #1 Selling Mistake Keeping Advisors From Earning Serious Money w Jimmy Lyons & Jeff Tompkins

June 16, 2017

AdvisorConnects's Jimmy Lyons and Jeff Tompkins join Matt Halloran for a discussion on ways advisors can adopt technology to make their practice and lives better. In the age of digital fatigue, advisors need to find how to connect technology to simplify how it works, how much it costs and how it can give them more time, not less. 

LINKS: AdvisorConnect.co | LINKEDIN (Jimmy) | LINKEDIN (Jeff)


Episode 20 - “5 Communication Faux Pas, Missteps and Mistakes” by Renee Walker, Marketing Strategist

May 12, 2017

Matt, Kirk and Renee talk about branding, marketing and how to help advisors improve marketing communications. Renee shares her "5 Communication Faux Pas, Missteps and Mistakes". Advisors need to avoid making these mistakes to enhance their marketing success. Renee has an interesting background having worked with politicians for years helping them with marketing communciations and branding.

GUEST BIO: Ensightium  | LinkedIn

Renée T. Walker has earned many titles: brand whiz, business and communication strategist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, business and executive coach, accredited public relations pro. Her wisdom and insights on strategic communications, brand building and reputation management help her growth-stage clients accelerate results and solve complex business challenges.

Episode 19 - Get to Know Doug Heikkinen at IRIS.xyz

May 12, 2017

Doug chats about his incredible financial content and media platform (IRIS.xyz) - and how and why he got started. Doug talks about the advent of financial planning too- great story. IRIS is an incredible platform (community) for advisors to learn and share their content. You'll want to listen to this podcast then check IRIS out. 



Douglas Heikkinen brings over 25 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional and a client-side procurer of information and services to the financial sector and others. He is a defector from the corporate world, taking with him a thorough understanding of the mindset of capital business.

Episode 15 - Get to Know Susan Bradley & Sudden Money Institute

May 3, 2017

Susan discusses her journey to being the foremost expert on transition planning. She relays the importance of advisors’ role in helping people with sudden money and describes the “Financial Transitionist” role, training and credential.


SuddenMoney.com | Book, “Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall


Susan Bradley is the founder of the Sudden Money® Institute (SMI), a resource center for Life Transitions and Good Decisions. The Institute trains financial advisors and other professionals in Financial Transitions Planning, a unique set of process and tools for managing the human dynamics of financial change.  Susan is the author of Sudden Money: Managing a Financial Windfall (Wiley 2000).

Episode 13 - Get to Know John Frankot & TripleRMedia’s HNW Marketing Approach

April 14, 2017

HNW practices are driven by relationships. Every advisory knows this. A big issue is that advisors don't have a system in place to nurture these relationships. Top-of-mind is great but mind-share is better. Advisors need to find out how to be within an ideal prospects sphere of influence. It starts with meeting HNW prospects where they are - with what interests them.


John helps businesses with high net worth clients Cut Through the Noise, Cultivate Relationships, and Increase Referrals. He is founder and president of Triple R Media.

linkedin.com/in/johnfrankot | Life Refined Magazine

Episode 10 - Get to Know Robert Sofia & Snappy Kraken’s Marketing Platform

April 6, 2017

Advisors can't build good marketing while considering how to make "compliance" happy. It's better to start with what will work then work backwards to get compliance on board or to make small concessions. Lots more financial marketing and success nuggets throughout this podcast.

Robert launched a platform to help advisors automate many parts of their business (prospecting, client experience, client communication, prospect mgmt) so advisors can focus on the only thing they can't outsource of automate, meeting with clients. Lots of great insight into Snappy Kraken's platform.

Mentions: Robert Sofia, Snappy Kraken


Robert Sofia founded Snappy Kraken, a SaaS marketing solution that helps financial advisors personalize, automate, and track marketing campaigns and business processes. SnappyKraken.com



Episode 8 - Getting to Know Sheryl Brown of Ash Brokerage

April 5, 2017

Sheryl shares her passion for business development, life, financial literacy and a better world. She talks about how Advisors are too often caught up in finspeak (financial industry jargon) to truly connect with, engage and influence the masses of seemingly uninterested investors, how important listening is to selling, and how Advisors rarely adopt and adapt to the what the leading thinkers in this industry are talking about, doing and succeeding at.

Peer book Sheryl referenced: Flirting With The Uninterested


Director of the Business Development Analyst Team at Ash Brokerage. Passionate business development and social media expert. Helps financial professionals expand their influence and grow their businesses. Connect with her on LinkedIn.

Episode 4 - The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement w/Julie Littlechild

February 22, 2017

Human beings aren’t equipped with unlimited battery backs. The growth of our businesses goes hand-in-hand with our personal wellbeing. How does personal vision fit into business vision? How do you build a business that supports the life you want for yourself? Why is audacity necessary in achievement and action? On this episode, author, speaker and coach talks about her book The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement and gives insight on the principles she wrote about.

To pursue absolute engagement is to be intentional about structuring your business in a way that supports meaningful growth. Julie Littlechild

Guest Bio:

Julie Littlechild is a speaker, writer and the Founder of AbsoluteEngagement.com. She helps successful professionals and entrepreneurs design businesses that support the lives they want to live and to create lives that fuel their capacity to do just that. Julie has worked with and studied top producing professionals, their clients and their teams for twenty years. She is a recognized expert on driving deeper engagement and growth and the author of a popular blog. To get in touch email jlittlechild@absoluteengagement.com. To learn more about her book or buy it www.AbsoluteEngagement.com/book.

Episode 2 - Top 5 Keys To Working With the Press To Grow Your Advisor Practice w/Matt Ackermann

January 18, 2017

Advisors aspire to be an asset for the media, and someone journalists want to interview. What increases your chances of building that kind of relationship? On this episode we share insights on the top 5 things advisors should know about when it comes to working with the press. We talk about knowing your interviewer and building conversational relationships with Investment News’ digital content director Matt Ackermann.  

Guest Bio:

Matt is the director of digital content at Investment News.  Follow him on Twitter @acketyack.