Episode 55 - Digital Content Marketing with Bryan Muir

February 15, 2018

Digital Content Marketing Expert Bryan Muir joins Matt in this latest episode. Bryan is the Head of Sales at AdvisorStream, an automated digital business platform that allows you to deepen client relations and capture new business using the latest credible and engaging content. While Bryan takese listeners through a brief explanation of his software, Matt and him also dive into why financial advisors NEED to understand much more clearly the power of good digital market. With tools like AdvisorStream, it's easier than ever to get the content you need to drive leads and referrals today!


LINKS: Bryan Muir | AdvisorStream

Olympic Special - The Mindset of an Olympian with Paul Kingsman

February 8, 2018


Welcome to our Olympic Special Podcast! Matt and Kirk are joined once again by Olympian Paul Kingsman. Matt and Paul dive into discussing the mental mindset of Winter Olympic athletes and how you can use some of same tools to become an unstoppable financial advisor. In order to take your determination and athletisism to the Winter Olympics, you have to put everything on the line everyday. When your sport incorporates fast speeds, ice, and blades, it can be do or die.  And advisors need to start thinking of their business that way, there is no place for a B game in the financial world. Paul provides incredible tools and tips for improving your mental strength and focus to turn your business into a game change. In addition to his Olympic success, Paul is a renowned key note speaker, business coach, and the author of The Distraction Proof Advisor. 


Episode 54 - Offer Something Truly Unique and Different with Abby Schnidermann and Harris Scher

February 1, 2018

In this latest episode, Matt is joined by Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Everplans Abby Schneiderman and her Director of Sales, Harris Scher . Everplans is a secure digital platform that helps clients prepare for the unexpected. Advisors use Everplans to help their clients organize, store, and securely share all of the important plans and information their family will need in the future (everything from Wills, to online accounts, to cherished family memories, and more). In doing so, Everplans helps advisors establish deeper and more meaningful relationships with their clients, and to create better relationships with their client’s heirs.


Episode 53 - Andrew Saksa & Luke Acree: Key to Building Generational Relationships

January 25, 2018

You're hearing about this at every broke dealer conference and it's all over the financial news- there are massive movements of wealth between generations. The difficulty is, how do you grow a relationship between generations to ensure your continued management of that wealth? Matt and Kirk are joined by ReminderMedia's Andrew Saksa and Luke Acree to discuss relationship marketing. With over a decade of experience, they have built their business around creating touch points for advisors that allow the advisor to build a relationships that will strengthen their practice. Andrew & Luke break down the importance of developing strong marketing to increase access to that generational wealth that can be so ellusive. 

LINKS: Andrew Saksa | Luke Acree | Reminder Media

Episode 52 - 5 Things Clients ACTUALLY Care About: Preparing for an Awesome 2018

January 18, 2018

Are you really aware of what your clients care about and need? Matt is joined by Sonya Dreizler to discuss the 5 things clients ACTUALLY care about. Financial advisor will often base the cares of their clients on their own personal cares, which often leaves them presenting clients with information or action that doesn't resonate. By incorporating these 5 things into your practice, you will be able to give clients the expereince they need to ensure their continued satisfaction and happiness.  

Links:  Kurtosy Blog Post | SONYA DREIZLER

Episode 51 - Bill Good

January 11, 2018

Long time marketing expert Bill Good joins Matt in our latest episode to discuss his Bill Good Marketing method. In addition to his marketing method, Bill is the author of "Hot Prospects", one of the pinnacle prospecting book in the financial world. Bill broke into the world of finance through a telephone selling job where he begin to learn the basics of marketing, and from there the rest is history. Bill is one of the leading experts in marketing, and has been in the business for decades which has given him a wealth of knowledge to share. Listen in today to learn more about Bill and his incredible marketing system.



12 Days of Marketing - Episode 12 Events!

December 22, 2017

In our final episode of the 12 Days of Marketing, Matt is talking about the importance of events to advisor marketing. It's fairly common in the financial world to hold dinners, lunch and learns, or bring a friend event. But are you getting the most out of these events every time? Matt has some tips for taking your event up a notch, securing butts in seats, and making your financial events so fun people will want to bring a friend along! Make sure your hosting the right events in 2018 to get your desired results! 

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 11 Nurture Sequences

December 21, 2017

In this episode of the 12 Days of Marketing, Kirk dives into nurture sequences, examining the questions: How do you nuture your leads digitally? Why is it important? And what is it? Nurturing leads is best described as building a relationships with customers currently not ready to buy but who could be an ideal customer. It's an easy way to keep your foot in the door and set the foundation for a relationship that can last a lifetime. 


12 Days of Marketing - Episode 10 Developing Your Social Media Strategy

December 20, 2017

So you've got the website and you've proven your brand and expertise through a white paper, podcast, or blog. Now the question remains - how do you ge tthat information out there? Matt is here to explain the important role of social media in finding ideal prospects online. Getting social can be scary, but it's critical to building your business and getting your brand out there. 

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 9 Building a Role Specific Website

December 19, 2017

Is your website a workhorse? Does it explain your brand and business effectively and turn google searches into ideal prospects? Web design is paramount in today's digital world, but too many advisors find themselves working with website that no longer meet today's design demands. Kirk explains the necessary steps to making your website optimal for a financial advising.

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 8 Starting a Vlog

December 18, 2017

Now that we've covered the basics of white papers, and podcast, Matt has your next step in technology and content creation - Vlogs. Video logs allow you the ability to get the same great content from your podcast available to your current and prospective clients, but with the added bonus of having a visual component. Vlogs give you the ability to create a faux "Face to face" experience with potential clients. They also allow you to use white boards, and diagrams to further emphasize your points. Matt covers it all in final piece of proving your brand and expertise. 

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 7 Starting a Podcast

December 18, 2017

Building your brand and expertise just got easier. In this episode Matt is here to explain the value of podcasting for financial advisors. Podcasting is a quick and easy way to develop your brand and expertise, and provide potential clients with plenty of content to get to know you before they walk in the door. Why not give them a taste of your knowledge beforehand, and save yourself some of the selling? If you want more information about podcasting, check out our white paper or our infosheet, linked below.


LINKS: A Complete Guide to Starting a Podcast |  Podcasting

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 6 Drafting Your White Paper

December 16, 2017

You've built an entire business around your expertise... but do your potential clients know what makes you different? In the second piece on proving your brand and experise, Kirk is here to talk to you about the importance of a White Paper. Having written over 20 white paper's on his own, he's here to give you the pieces necessary to begin writing your own paper. Once you have that white paper fresh off the press, it's also important to know how to use it. As a white paper expert, Kirk has everything you need to know to make your first paper a success. For more informtion check out the free resources listed below. 

LINKS: Anatomy of a White Paper

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 5 Your Financial Planning Process

December 15, 2017

This episode is part one of three in the 12 Days of Marketing that discusses proving your brand and expertise. In part one, Matt dives into explaining the importance of having a well established (and designed) Financial Planning Process. This is one of the many pieces to the puzzle in proving your expertise. This plan should be align with your company's story and brand and give your potential clients a clear view of what makes your company different. Listen in today!

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 4 Packing Your Message Into a Brand

December 14, 2017

Do you struggle to tell people what makes your financial advisor business different from all the others? In this Episode, Kirk explains the fundamentals of packinging your message (those key concepts and phrases) from simply words on a page to a brand people know and recognize. To help you further define these conepts, Kirk has included 3 important resources to help you find your brand for 2018.

LINKS: 30 Ways to be Different | Brand Impact Assessment | Brand Discovery Matrix

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 3 Defining Your Ideal Client

December 13, 2017

In Episode 3 of the 12 days of marketing, Matt dives into defining our ideal client. Who fits your mold to enter into the lifelong partnership that takes place between a financial advisor and their client? If you don't know who you're looking for, how will you know if you have them? Matt breaks down the key steps to discovering who is perfect for your business, and what it takes to get them. 



12 Days of Marketing - Episode 2 The Difference Between Marketing and Branding

December 12, 2017

In Day 2 of the 12 Days of Marketing, Kirk is going to walk you through the critical differentiation of branding and marketing in your business. The key message of this podcast is that it is crucial to pull your branding out of marketing, and understand that your brand is your story. You need to know why your different, and what your value is before you can expect any prospective clients to know that.

12 Days of Marketing - Episode 1 Your Marketing Mindset

December 11, 2017

This holiday season, Matt and Kirk are offering up 12 podcasts to help you prepare your business for 2018 with your best marketing plan yet! In the preimer episode of the 12 Days of Marketing, joing Matt and Kirk as they dive into developing your marketing mindset. Understand tactics that work for your business to help you build trust and brand awareness, while leaving behind any ineffective tools in 2017. Want more information about how to kick ass in 2018? Download a copy of our white papers today - they're free!


Episode 50 - Tony Vidler and the Fee Based Advisor Model

December 11, 2017

In our 50th episode of Top Advisor Marketing, Matt and Kirk are joined by the adviser to advisors, Coach Tony Vidler. Having been coaching for decades, Tony understands the best models for running a succesful advisor business. In this episode Tony dives into the fee based advisor model, and how it can benefit not just your business but your personal life. 


LINKS: LinkedIn |  SlideShare  |  Tony Vidler

Episode 49 - Bob Burg and the Go-Giver Way

November 30, 2017

In this latest epsiode of Top Advisor Marketing, Kirk and Matt are pleased to welcome saught after speaker and international best selling author Bob Burg. Bob is well known for his book, ”The Go-Giver", along with the other books in the Go-Giver series.  This series discusses how in the business world the best way to achieve success is to be constantly giving.  Nearly a decade since it was first published, The Go-Giver is still gaining momentum and was awarded the 2017 Living Now Book Award – Evergreen Medal for Personal Growth. With our hosts, Bob dives into how constantly and consistently providing value to others will help you conduct not only nice business, but the most profitable. 


Links: Bob Burg | The Go-Giver | Buy Now