Episode 31 - The Demise of Prospecting

August 5, 2017

Referrals are down, or at least that's what a recent report is suggesting. Why? Kirk and Matt get into the dirt with advisor prospecting. Advisors are at a critical stage of their careers and practice maturity; how to attract ideal prospects, be more profitable and have more fun. Kirk and Matt redefine what a "referral" is, the mindset needed to inspire and attract, and tactics you can use to get more.

Episode 30 - Why Women Leave Their Financial Advisors

August 3, 2017

Did you know 80% of women leave their fiancial advisor when they lose their husbands? Judy Paradi and Paulette Filion join Matt and Kirk to discuss four reasons women leave their advisors and then list simple ways to engage women to grow a stronger, woman/friendly practice. What's interesting too is that the characteristics of a woman-friendly practice/relationsip also apply to having a better practice in general. 


Episode 29 - 5 Questions Advisors Ask About Connecting with HNW Prospects (w John Frankot)

August 1, 2017

Matt and Kirk chat with John Frankot of Triple-R-Media about five common questions advisors ask John about connecting with and attracting high net worth prospects. John defines what a true HNW prospect is and addresses advisors' insecurities about working with the HNW. We also discuss simple tactics to find, approach and engage the HNW market most advisors aspire to work with. 



Episode 28 - Why Advisors Should Care About Behavioral Finance

July 10, 2017

Prasad Ramani, founder of Syntoniq, joins us to discuss the simple and compelling applications of behavioral finance in an advisor's practice and a client's life. Prasad discusses: why is BF important, how does it impact client investment behavior, why is it a factor when it comes to business development, and how BF can be used to develop and strength relationships with new and existing clients. 


Episode 27 - The #1 Selling Mistake Keeping Advisors From Earning Serious Money w Jimmy Lyons & Jeff Tompkins

June 16, 2017

AdvisorConnects's Jimmy Lyons and Jeff Tompkins join Matt Halloran for a discussion on ways advisors can adopt technology to make their practice and lives better. In the age of digital fatigue, advisors need to find how to connect technology to simplify how it works, how much it costs and how it can give them more time, not less. 

LINKS: AdvisorConnect.co | LINKEDIN (Jimmy) | LINKEDIN (Jeff)


Episode 26- 5 Excuses That Kill Your Marketing Success

June 12, 2017

Dear advisors, you're amazing. But...but, you need help overcoming decisions, situations and thinking that has you stuck in ineffective marketing and prospecting. Respectfully, Kirk and Matt help you analyze and overcome five key obstacles and situations that are killing your marketing. If you're marketing isn't highly effective and easy to manage, you need to listen to this podcast. We'll clarify how to move past simple and common obstacles (excuses) that are stealing your focus and success. We'll help you uncover how to co-brand, the value of simple marketing and more. 

Episode 25 - The Mental Side of Marketing

June 8, 2017

Dr. Jack Singer has worked with professional athletes, Olympians and advisors. We'll talk about how advisors need to have mental toughness just like athletes. Dr. Jack will also share tips on how to enhance your mental toughness to be more successful. 



Dr. Jack Singer is a world-renowned psychologist, author, trainer and professional speaker. Dr. Jack has been in private practice and consulting for 33 years. He has worked with many professional athletes, teams, and olympians. In 2008 Dr. Jack started working with financial advisors: creating programs, speaking and one-on-one coaching. 

Episode 24 - How to Leverage Talent in Your Practice

June 6, 2017

Amy Kizer shares her experiences helping advisors hire good people to work in their practices. Amy gets into common mistakes advisors make when hiring, obstacles that keep them from making good decisions for their practice, and how to conduct a job interview (your questions and process for hiring). 


Amy Kizer has spent her career supporting companies, managers and advisors with hiring decisions. Amy co-founded TalentLink Solutions in 2014. TalentLink provides consulting and direct hire services to financial companies including advisorys practice and BDs. 


Episode 23 - How to Start Your Own Financial Podcast

June 5, 2017

Podcasting has been steadily growing for years at a rate of 10-20%. It's not a fad. In 2016, 112 million Americans listened to podcasts. Matt and Kirk discuss their experience getting a quality podcast off the ground. The reasons to start, the benefits to your business, the hardware and software equipment you'll need and how to launch your podcast to your target audience. 

SLIDES | PAPER, "A Complete Guide to Starting A Podcast"


Episode 22 - John Anderson’s “4 Ways to Create Positive Client Experiences (and get more referrals)”

May 26, 2017

John Anderson joins us again to talk about creating positive client experiences in your practice. John starts with a reality check for advisors with a few critical questions. John shares insight on the need to address how you approach referrals in your practice. He also discusses why it's important to focus on what you can control and how you can do that by changing your focus. 

We recorded this show live at SEI's Strategic Advisor Conference in Chicago in May 2017. 


John Anderson is the creator and lead author of Practically Speaking blog and Managing Director of Practice Management Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.

Original Blog Post is here.

Episode 21 - Kirk Lowe’s 10 Favorite Marketing Tools

May 17, 2017

Episode 21 will knock your socks off. Kirk shares the marketing productivity tools he's researched and tested that make his days go smoother and advisor marketing more productive. Good tools allow you to pursue marketing you either can't afford, or don't have the expertise or time to create and implement. Listen to the whole podcast for clear insights on how to leverage each of the these tools and possibly change your practice forever. Or...you can just hire Kirk's marketing team at TactiBrand. 



Episode 20 - “5 Communication Faux Pas, Missteps and Mistakes” by Renee Walker, Marketing Strategist

May 12, 2017

Matt, Kirk and Renee talk about branding, marketing and how to help advisors improve marketing communications. Renee shares her "5 Communication Faux Pas, Missteps and Mistakes". Advisors need to avoid making these mistakes to enhance their marketing success. Renee has an interesting background having worked with politicians for years helping them with marketing communciations and branding.

GUEST BIO: Ensightium  | LinkedIn

Renée T. Walker has earned many titles: brand whiz, business and communication strategist, entrepreneur, author, speaker, business and executive coach, accredited public relations pro. Her wisdom and insights on strategic communications, brand building and reputation management help her growth-stage clients accelerate results and solve complex business challenges.

Episode 19 - Get to Know Doug Heikkinen at IRIS.xyz

May 12, 2017

Doug chats about his incredible financial content and media platform (IRIS.xyz) - and how and why he got started. Doug talks about the advent of financial planning too- great story. IRIS is an incredible platform (community) for advisors to learn and share their content. You'll want to listen to this podcast then check IRIS out. 



Douglas Heikkinen brings over 25 years of experience as a marketing and communications professional and a client-side procurer of information and services to the financial sector and others. He is a defector from the corporate world, taking with him a thorough understanding of the mindset of capital business.

Episode 18 - 5 Clues Your Marketing May Fail (with John Anderson of SEI, Practically Speaking Blog)

May 9, 2017

"Too often, I meet with advisors who think of marketing as an afterthought or a “nice to have,” instead of a “have to have.” Marketing is seen as an expense, rather than an investment. Even worse, marketing is something that starts and stops for these advisors, sometimes on a whim or after a client loss. Mostly, I see marketing that has an inconsistent message or misses the target audience (if there is one)." - John Anderson, SEI


John Anderson is the creator and lead author of Practically Speaking blog and Managing Director of Practice Management Solutions for the SEI Advisor Network.

Original Blog Post is here.

Episode 17 - Top 9 Advisor Marketing Insights from SEI Conference 2017

May 9, 2017

Matt and Kirk attended the SEI Strategic Advisor Conference in May 2017. They recorded the top 9 marketing insights they heard from advisors dialoguing with them at the TactiBrand Kiosk. 

SEI ran a fantastic conference and the advisors were very engaged. Great group of professionals. Thanks to you all for a great experience - and for listening to our presentation, kiosk rants and now this podcast. 

Go to SEIC.com for more info on this great company with a robust investment and practice management offering for advisors. 

Episode 16 - 270 Days to a Better Practice; Better Clients, More Fun, More Time and More Money

May 3, 2017

In order to get to the point where you enjoy better clients, more fun, more, money, more time, and essentially a better practice, you have to put in the time necessary. Taking shortcuts and not establishing the foundation for good marketing will just hurt you in the long run. These 270 days can be separated in 90 days each and they will guide the marketing you build and how it plays off one another. Realistically, it won’t really take you exactly 90 days but these concepts show that it takes some time to build everything up.

"If you want to build anything great, you’ve got to break it into incremental steps." – Kirk Lowe



Episode 14 - How 4 Frogs and 1 Elephant Can Help You Attract Ideal Prospects

April 18, 2017

Marketing is often the weak link in an advisors practice and it’s almost always the first “expense’ that gets cut or the first “task” that falls off the plate. There are simple strategies and tactics that often get started and stopped over and over. It’s a cycle of marketing misfortune. We discuss these 4 simple tactics and 1 big strategy to move your business forward. 

Episode 13 - Get to Know John Frankot & TripleRMedia’s HNW Marketing Approach

April 14, 2017

HNW practices are driven by relationships. Every advisory knows this. A big issue is that advisors don't have a system in place to nurture these relationships. Top-of-mind is great but mind-share is better. Advisors need to find out how to be within an ideal prospects sphere of influence. It starts with meeting HNW prospects where they are - with what interests them.


John helps businesses with high net worth clients Cut Through the Noise, Cultivate Relationships, and Increase Referrals. He is founder and president of Triple R Media.

linkedin.com/in/johnfrankot | Life Refined Magazine

Episode 12 - 9 Outcomes of a Great Advisor Brand

April 12, 2017

Branding separates you from the pack - the sea of sameness so many advisors swim in daily. Branding makes every marketing tactic more effective and your overall marketing strategy more efficient - less is more. A good advisor brand pays in many ways. Here are nine outcomes you should expect from a good brand. 

Episode 11 - 5 Steps to Creating Great Content

April 10, 2017

The right content is critical to creating trust, influence, and inspiring new business opportunities. In my experience, it’s taken over as the key online marketing strategy. Yet, so many advisors lack the time, ability and/or resources to pull it off and achieve the results they expect. The most obvious obstacle impacting financial advisors struggle with content creation is that they don’t have a process. Advisors need a process to be better at producing expert financial content. A well-thought out process can help you on your journey to become a financial influencer and inspire lots of referrals (ideal prospect leads).