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Episode 135 - The Value of Vision with Karen Coyne

Episode 135 - The Value of Vision with Karen Coyne

January 31, 2019

Many financial advisors have a vision. A vision for their business, a vision for their growth, and a vision for their team. To achieve any of these visions, you have to set goals. But are you using vision to its fullest potential with your client base? 

Our host, Matt Halloran, welcomes CFP® and vision expert Karen Coyne to our latest episode to discuss how vision can be a year-round discussion with your clients. With her unique approach to focusing on vision, Karen doesn't center her financial business model around drawing in more clients, but on delivering high-quality service. 

Understanding what drives your clients and their vision for today, tomorrow, and ten years can help you build a stronger and more referable practice. Listen in today and start developing your own sustainable vision!

Links: Karen Coyne LinkedIn 


Episode 132 - Lifestyle Marketing with Eric Gaddy

Episode 132 - Lifestyle Marketing with Eric Gaddy

January 22, 2019

More and more, we see people promoting the concept of work-life balance. If you're ready to offer your clients the opportunity to retire early and get on living, you'll love our next/returning guest Eric Gaddy! 

As the author and owner of Retire Early, Eric is an expert in getting your financial house in order so that you can live life outside the office. Today with our host, Matt Halloran, Eric will discuss how financial professionals can use the retire early lifestyle to market and prospect for clients. 

If you're considering early retirement or are simply ready to offer your clients more living, be sure to listen in today! 

And if you missed Eric's original podcast, you can find it HERE!

Links: Eric Gaddy LinkedIn | "Retire Early - What are you waiting for?"- The Book | How To Retire Early Website | Retire Early Resources

Ep 130 - Social Media Methodology with Ian Moyse

Ep 130 - Social Media Methodology with Ian Moyse

January 15, 2019

Are you wondering about the value of social media in your financial practice? Our expert guest Ian Moyse offers his insight into the true value of social media in your prospecting efforts.

Joining host Matt Halloran from across the pond, Ian is the sales director of Natterbox, a done-for-you digital communications solution. 

These two social media gurus explore the hard and fast reality that social media isn't your technology fix. It will never replace traditional methods. But working in symbiosis with your prospecting avenues can create a stronger and more reliable sales stream. 

 If you're ready to explore what social media should mean to your company, listen in today!

Links: Ian Moyse LinkedIn | Natterbox

Episode 129 - The Freedom Practice with Craig Hersch

Episode 129 - The Freedom Practice with Craig Hersch

January 10, 2019

Today we're changing up a few things on Top Advisor Marketing Podcast! Our host Matt Halloran is joined by estate planning attorney Craig Hersch!

Craig is the creator of The Freedom Practice, a practice management program that helps estate planning attorneys grow their practice. These unique tactics don't just apply in the world of law, but can help you make your practice fundamentally unique and different! 

Craig is an expert at what he does. He is a host of his own podcast, an editor at Trusts & Estate Magazine, and a contributor to 

Be sure to listen in today and learn how you can create growth in your own practice! 

Links: 4GameChange PodcastCraig Hersch LinkedIn| Common Cents Estate Planning: Practical Advice You Should Consider With Your Attorney, CPA and Financial Advisor

Episode 128 -  Four Steps to Marketing in 2019

Episode 128 - Four Steps to Marketing in 2019

January 8, 2019

Welcome back to our third season of Top Advisor Marketing Podcast! To get you ready for 2019, our host, Matt Halloran, is joined by marketing and branding expert Kirk Lowe to discuss four steps to marketing in 2019!

Get ready for a new-and-improved you this year as Kirk and Matt walk you through the exact process they offer their branding clients. It's a process Kirk has spent the past 18 years perfecting. Using their proven four step process: attract, intrigue, engage, and influence, Kirk and Matt share several actionable steps you can take to bring your ideal clients through the door!

Be sure to listen in today and begin your marketing success!

 Links: Marketing Plan Tactics | Marketing BluePrint Video

12 Days of Marketing - Quarterly Game Plan

12 Days of Marketing - Quarterly Game Plan

December 19, 2018

Join host Matt Halloran and special series guest Coach Joe as they discuss the value of creating (and sticking to!) a quarterly game plan. Breaking your business plan down into bite size manageable pieces will give you stronger goals, and more success! Tune in today to finesse your business plan and get ready to rock Q1 2019!

12 Days of Marketing - Marketing, Branding & Business Development

12 Days of Marketing - Marketing, Branding & Business Development

December 18, 2018

Today Matt and Coach Joe are diving into three very important topics when it comes to business planning and you're business success! Listen as these two coaching, development, and marketing experts discuss what you need to create a business with a lasting brand, strong marketing initiatives, and the ability to develop and grow!

12 Days of Marketing - Goal Setting

12 Days of Marketing - Goal Setting

December 17, 2018

A goal is defined as "the object of a person's ambition or effort; an aim or desired result". This definition provides us with both an action (ambition/effort), as well as a passive action (aim). What are you doing to take your goals from aims and desires into the realm of action and effort? Listen in with Coach Joe as he discusses with your host Matt Halloran different ways to make your goal setting effective, and stick to it. 

12 Days of Marketing - Mindset it the Game

12 Days of Marketing - Mindset it the Game

December 14, 2018

Mind over matter is the topic today! Listen in with Coach Joe and your host Matt Halloran as they discuss how the mindset you bring into business planning, and 2019 set you up for success or failure. 

12 Days of Marketing - Business Life Integration

12 Days of Marketing - Business Life Integration

December 12, 2018

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. These words of wisdom come to life in today's episode as Matt and Coach Joe explore how advisors can handle business/life integration. 

Balance is a struggle in every area of our lives, whether it be our diets, our relationships, or our professions. So take some time and learn how you can balance and integrate your personal and professional life today!

12 Days of Marketing - Evaluate and Benchmark

12 Days of Marketing - Evaluate and Benchmark

December 11, 2018

Benchmarks are a cornerstone to your business success. They give you an opportunity to reflect, evaluate, and challenge yourself in the upcoming year to meet goals. However, benchmarks can be another one of those tasks that simply gets forget. As people say, when something works well, we tend to stop doing it simply because we don't acknowledge or allocate for it. 

Coach Joe has a three part process to help you wrap up 2018 and set yourself on a better path for 2019. Get your benchmarks set, and roll on past them with your most successful year yet!

12 Days of Marketing - Why Do a Plan?

12 Days of Marketing - Why Do a Plan?

December 6, 2018

It's the beginning of the 12 days of Marketing! To celebrate the holidays and Business Planning month, our host Matt will be joined by Joe Lukacs, AKA Coach Joe, for the next 12 episodes to discuss with us how to create a rockstar business plan for 2019. 

To kick start the marketing season, Joe and Matt dive into the value of having a proper business plan. If this is something you've always considered doing but couldn't find the time or see the value, tune into this episode to find out the truth behind the why of business planning! 

LINKS: Joe Lukacs LinkedIn 

Ep 127 - Getting Holiday Social with Kaley Lewis

Ep 127 - Getting Holiday Social with Kaley Lewis

December 4, 2018

Is your holiday social calendar lacking in substance? Or have you simply let your social media presence fall to the way side now that December 1st is behind us? Why not get your social media calendar looking as active as your personal calendar this holiday season with a few quick tips for holiday engagement! 

Host Matt Halloran is joined by our very own Kaley Lewis to discuss five tips to making your holiday social shine! By adding some festive and engaging content, you'll be sure to create an impression and keep your audience engaged through the busiest time of year. It's never too late to get that holiday calendar rolling, so listen in and start today!

LINKS: Kaley Lewis LinkedIn | 5 Holiday Post Ideas 

Ep 125 - Hosting a Successful Seminar with Mike Thurman

Ep 125 - Hosting a Successful Seminar with Mike Thurman

November 27, 2018

Do you find your seminars are lacking that punch that results long potential prospects lists? Matt explores the top three strategies for hosting a successful seminar with returning guest, Mike Thurman, co-founder of White Glove Workshops.

Mike has over 25 years experience in the financial industry and has hosted over 1000 educational seminars, making him an expert in the field. Along with Matt, Mike reviews his three key components to seminar success: plan the process, possess the heart of a teacher, and finishing strong.  

Join us today and be sure to check out White Glove Workshops resources on their website!

LINKS: Mike Thurman LinkedIn | White Glove Workshops

Ep 123 - Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans

Ep 123 - Power of the Purse with Lynn Evans

November 15, 2018

Have you ever thought you had such a great ideasomeone might just pay you to read it? Often times advisors reach a point in their development where they're told to put pen to paper and draft the next best financial read. But how many of us consider what a great opportunity a book can be for marketing?

Joining Matt today is fellow podcaster, author, CFP®, and speaker Lynn S. Evans to discuss how she developed, marketed, and wrote her book, Power of the Purse. 

Lynn is a national leader in the financial planning industry. Lynn has a profound understanding of the deep relationships that revolve around women and money. Through the work of her book, podcast, radio show, and financial network, Lynn has made it her personal mission to help baby boomer women become financially literate and take back control of their finances.  

Learn more about Lynn, her book, and marketing in this great episode today!

LINKS: Power of the Purse Podcast | Women of Substance | Lynn S Evans LinkedIn | Power of the Purse Book

Ep 122 - The Money Personalities with Scott and Bethany Palmer

Ep 122 - The Money Personalities with Scott and Bethany Palmer

November 13, 2018

As a financial advisor - how do you differentiate yourself? Realistically, pricing and services are pretty constant across the board now, so what's left to make you stand out? The answer is your client relationships. 

Joining Matt today is the incredible power couple Scott and Bethany Palmer of The Money Couple to discuss one of the biggest buzzwords in financial services, behavioral finance. In today's episode, learn how you can use this tool to successfully differentiate yourself from your competition. 

With Bethany and Scott's game-changing discovery of the Money Personalities Test, you can revolutionize how your clients think of their relationships with money. With a deeper understanding of your clients' intricacies with money, you can develop more custom plans to suit their needs. Prepare for 2019 to offer the best and most custom service yet! 

LINKS: The Money Personalities Test | Scott Palmer LinkedIn | Bethany Palmer LinkedIn | The Money Couple

Ep 121 - How to Merge Your Firms with Jen Goldman

Ep 121 - How to Merge Your Firms with Jen Goldman

November 9, 2018

Matt is joined by returning guest Jen Goldman, of Jennifer Goldman Consultants to discuss a big topic, with little content - how to merge a CPA firm with a wealth management firm. 

As a business transformation consultant Jen has experienced first hand the growing pains that come from merging these two businesses. When her journey began, she sought all the material and advice should could online, and surprisingly, came up pretty empty handed. With over 50% of CPA firms now offering some form of wealth management, it's hard to envision that this practice has been so over looked. 

But fear not. Given Jen and Matt's shared experience on the topic, the two of them dive into some of the key things you need to know about making your business merger a major success. 

LINKS: Jen Goldman LI | Jennifer Goldman Consulting


Ep 119 -  Reaching your Ideal Client with Susan Danzig

Ep 119 - Reaching your Ideal Client with Susan Danzig

November 1, 2018

Today on Top Advisor Marketing Podcast, host Matt Halloran interviews business development expert Susan Danzig! For over 25 years, Susan has worked as a business coach helping her clients understand, appreciate and clarify their true value, define their specialization, and create effective marketing strategies.

As a Master in Neuro-linguistic Programming Coach, Susan has dedicated herself to freeing her clients from the human condition that causes us to limit our beliefs in our success. After working with hundreds of advisors, Susan recognized that regardless of their level of success, it was her own clients who stood in the way of achieving success. Using her extensive resume and her education, Susan is changing the way advisors attract and retain their ideal clients. 

If you're looking to set a new tone for 2019, or simply in need of a 4th quarter boost, be sure to listen in today! And check Susan's websites for some incredible free resources! 

Links: Susan Danzig LLCSusan Danzig LinkedIn

Ep 118 - Top 10 Interview Tips with Matt Halloran

Ep 118 - Top 10 Interview Tips with Matt Halloran

October 30, 2018

Switching up sides of the mic today, Kirk sits down to interview our regular host Matt Halloran! Together, the two are diving into the top 10 interviewing tips. If you're a podcaster wanting to up your game, or perhaps someone who frequently makes appearances on other people's podcast, Matt has the ten things you need to be doing to create engaging dialogue and quality content. Be sure to listen in with Matt and Kirk today! 

Episode 117 - Video Marketing with Robin Powell

Episode 117 - Video Marketing with Robin Powell

October 25, 2018

As an advisor, what is the best way to communicate with your clients? Many of us read or create blogs for our clients, or perhaps have even broken into the world of audio podcasting. But have you ever created a video for your clients? Or are you deterred by what you feel is a cumbersome and expensive medium?

Today, Top Advisor Marketing is travelling across the Atlantic to speak with Robin Powell, journalist and financial educator, on the topic of video marketing with advisors.  Robin specializes in creating quality video products for advisors, and his here to share in his expertise and maybe convince some of our listeners that video has a place in their marketing plan.

Learn how you can create your own video marketing to build rapport, drive website traffic, and create lasting and memorable content. 

LINKS: Robin Powell