Episode 148 - The Compounding Impact of Marketing to Women with Podcasts: How to Maximize Your ROI Featuring Adri Miller-Heckman

March 19, 2019

Your host Matt welcomes returning guest Adri Miller-Heckman to part one of their three-part mini-series titled: The Compounding Impact of Marketing to Women With Podcasts: How to Maximize Your ROI. 

Adri is a globally recognized speaker, author, and consultant in the financial industry. She is the founder of femXadvisor™, a professional training and coaching business designed to help advisors generate exponential growth with the femXadvisor™ process to create a female-friendly, results-oriented financial practice. 

On today's episode, Matt and Adri discuss the importance of branding when its come to marketing to women. Listen in to discover some of the critical elements of honing your message to create a real and authentic experience that appeals not only to your women clientele but men as well. 

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Episode 147 - Tips to Creating Your Marketing Calendar with Kaley Lewis

March 15, 2019

Your host Matt Halloran is welcoming back a returning guest and one of Top Advisor Marketing's very own Kaley Lewis to discuss how you can create timely and engaging marketing calendars. 

The two social media veterans discuss the value in adding timely and sometimes humorous posts to your regular social media calendar, how you can use an annual structure to create content for your podcast or blog, and some of their favourite "days" to celebrate. 

Let Matt and Kaley help you build your marketing calendars by listening in today! 

Links: Kaley Lewis LinkedIn | Tips For Creating Engaging and Timely Marketing Calendars

Episode 146 - Creating Your Story Brand with Amy Huth

March 12, 2019

Your host Matt Halloran welcomes Amy Huth, founder and CEO of Due North Brand Consulting to today's show to discuss how you can use storytelling to further develop your brand. 

Story branding has been in the industry for a while now, but many advisors haven't been executing the practice to it's fullest potential. With over 16 years of experience, Amy understands what it takes to make your brand a priority and how you can take your brand and your bottom line to the next level using storytelling with a purpose.

If you're looking to grow your brand, or discover how to build a brand that tells the story and success of you, be sure to listen in today! 


Links: Amy Huth LinkedIn |Due North Brand Consulting

Episode 145 - Flourish Financially with Kathy Longo

March 7, 2019

On our second episode of Women's month, your host Matt Halloran welcomes Kathy Longo, CFP®, CAP®, CDFA to discuss her newest book Flourish Financially: Values, Transitions, and Big Conversations.

Kathy brings 25 years of experience and her extensive knowledge and wisdom working as a wealth manager, financial planner, firm manager, and business owner to her writing and this podcast! 

Kathy's new book, Flourish Financially: Values, Transitions, and Big Conversations, explores how the concept of money is a lot more than the dollars and cents we earn, save and spend. 

Get to the know the author and learn more about this incredible book, what it takes to become an author, and a few marketing tips to make your next book an incredible success!

Links: Kathy Longo LinkedIn | Flourish Financially

Episode 144 - Social Media Changes of 2019 with Julia Ritchie

March 5, 2019

Your host Matt Halloran welcomes one of Top Advisor Marketing's very own Julia Ritchie back to the mic today to dive into what's happening in social media! 

Julia is one of our social media specialists at Top Advisor Marketing and one of her primary focuses is keeping us current with the ever evolving changes that are happening on your social platforms. One of our top priorities for our clients is to please the algorithm with every post we make, and with Julia's help we're able to stay on top of those changes. 

In today's episode Julia and Matt discuss some of the big changes we've seen since the start of 2019, and what you as advisors, lawyers, or business owners can be doing to stay proactive on your social media. 

Tune in today to keep your engagement high and social media successful!

Links: Julia Ritchie LinkedIn | Social Media Changes Report 

Episode 143 – The Taylor Method with Eszylfie Taylor

February 28, 2019

Today Matt welcomes award winning advisor, broker and agent Eszylfie Taylor! With nearly two decades in the business, Eszylfie has managed to succeeded exponentially in the trenches and through his experiences created The Taylor Method, the topic of today’s podcast.

The Taylor Method is an accumulation of Eszylfie’s career triumphs and failures. Derived from over 16,000 client interviews, the Taylor Method puts all the ideas, tools, language and processes for success in one convenient online location.

Matt and Eszylfie explore the substance behind the method and the value it can bring to your advisory business.

Be sure to tune in today to learn more about what The Taylor Method could be doing for you!

Links: The Taylor Method | Eszylfie Taylor LinkedIn

Ep 142 - The Intersection of Leadership, Character, and Ethos with Dr Sean Hannah

February 26, 2019

Ethos is defined as the core values, beliefs and ideal that a leader will hold and manifest out to positively influence others and organizations. Do you recognize the ethos in yourself as a business leader? Or are you trying to cultivate your own sense of ethos? 

If you've got questions about your leadership skills, ethos, or how to build the characteristics of a leader, this podcast is for you!

Today Matt is joined by Dr Sean Hannah, a Wake Forest University School of Business professor, retired US Army Colonel, and one of the founding members of 3ethos. 

With extensive background in leadership, Dr Sean has spent decades building leaders in the military and in finance to become better stewards, governs, and leaders in the business that they do.

Tune in today to learn more about the leadership characteristics that can you set you apart from the crowd, and build a business you and others believe in! 


Links: Dr Sean Hannah LinkedIn | 3Ethos.com |

Episode 141 - Marketing as an OSJ with Craig Snyder

February 21, 2019

It's a first for our host Matt Halloran as he welcomes our first OSJ to the show, Craig Snyder.

Craig is the CEO and Founder of the America Group, a premiere financial services group at LPL Financial. With over 40 years in the business, Craig understands what it takes to develop a strong brand and flourishing business.

With our focus on bringing you, our listeners, something unique and different with every podcast Matt is thrilled to sit down and discuss Craig's extensive experience and the marketing success he's develop with the America Group. 

Tune in today for more top advisor marketing tips!


Links: Craig Snyder LinkedIn | America Group 

Episode 140 - Business Marketing Strategy with Diederik Heinink

February 19, 2019

Matt welcomes another international guest to today's show, Diederik Heinink, to discuss some of his experience building business marketing strategies and what you can do to change yours!

Diederik has a resume a mile long with experience building brands and business all over the world. He recently opened up his own company, East Marketing, which specializes in designing marketing strategies for #FinTech companies and where he serves as founder and CEO.

Diederik shares in his expertise and advice on some of the strategies you can incorporate into your business/marketing plan to help you see growth and consistent results.

Be sure to tune in today for some refreshing advice when it comes to your marketing strategy! 


Links: Diederik Heinink LinkedIn | East Marketing 

Episode 139 - Becoming a Great Host with Celeste Headlee

February 14, 2019

In our most meta podcast to date, Matt is joined by public radio journalist and author Celeste Headlee to discuss what it takes to become a great host. 

Some of you may recognize Celeste's name from her work with a variety of publications including NPR, PBC, GPB, and PRI. In addition to her spoken work, Celeste is the author of two books, We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter, and Heard Mentality: An A-Z Guide on How to Take Your Podcast or Radio Show from Idea to Hit

Together, Matt and Celeste dive into the two major components of being a great podcast host: what can be taught and what is innate. 

If you've ever considered podcasting, or currently host your own, be sure to listen in today and discover what your podcast could be missing!

Links: Celeste Headlee LinkedIn | Heard Mentality: An A-Z Guide to Take Your Podcast or Radio Show From Idea to a Hit|Celeste Headlee TED Talk: 10 Ways to have a better conservation | We Need to Talk: How to Have Conversations That Matter

Episode 138 - Revolutionizing Recruiting with Amir Bormand

February 12, 2019

Are you ready to change the way you think about recruiting? Matt Halloran is joined by Amir Borand, co-founder of Elevano, and a new age expert in recruiting. 

Amir and along with his founding partner, are out to change the way people recruit. Using social media, Elevano helps employers find the right people and bring them into their business. Leveraging digital content, Amir is trying to break away from traditional methods of recruiting, to create a space that is open to a much more social conversation. 

If you're looking to grow your team, or perhaps seeking a new professional endevour, be sure to tune in today to find out how with the right recruiting anything can happen!


Links: Amir Bormand LinkedIn | Elevano

Episode 137 - 2019 Marketing Trends with Luke Acree

February 7, 2019

With the first month of 2019 behind us, it's time to refocus on marketing! Host Matt Halloran welcomes returning guest Luke Acree of ReminderMedia back to the microphone today to discuss the biggest marketing trends of 2019.

Luke is one of the founding partners of ReminderMedia, where they provide marketing services beyond the financial sector giving them the edge on marketing strategies and success stories. Luke offers some of his best advice to keep your marketing relevant throughout 2019. 

Tune in today to learn more about how you can make 2019 your best marketing year yet!

Links: Luke Acree LinkedIn | ReminderMedia

Episode 136 - The Man Behind the Voice with Aric Johnson

February 5, 2019

To welcome in a new month, your host Matt Halloran is featuring one of his team mates and long time friends, Aric Johnson. 

Some of you may recognize Aric as the host of several of our Top Advisor Marketing client podcasts, but his work goes beyond our microphones. Aric is a business coach/consultant, the VP of Advisor Development at Christian Wealth Management, and a professional speaker. 

Aric brings all that experience to our clients at Top Advisor Marketing, and directs so that they can bring their best self and provide optimal information and guidance to their audience. 

If you've ever been curious about what it takes to be an incredible podcast host, or how we make podcasting work here at Top Advisor Marketing, be sure to tune in today!


Links: Aric Johnson LinkedIn

Episode 135 - The Value of Vision with Karen Coyne

January 31, 2019

Many financial advisors have a vision. A vision for their business, a vision for their growth, and a vision for their team. To achieve any of these visions, you have to set goals. But are you using vision to its fullest potential with your client base? 

Our host, Matt Halloran, welcomes CFP® and vision expert Karen Coyne to our latest episode to discuss how vision can be a year-round discussion with your clients. With her unique approach to focusing on vision, Karen doesn't center her financial business model around drawing in more clients, but on delivering high-quality service. 

Understanding what drives your clients and their vision for today, tomorrow, and ten years can help you build a stronger and more referable practice. Listen in today and start developing your own sustainable vision!

Links: Karen Coyne LinkedIn 


Episode 134 - Building a Successful Partnership with Marci Bair & Victor Orozco

January 29, 2019

Oftentimes advisors want to grow their business and pass down their knowledge. To do so, they bring on interns and a lot of the time, it goes horribly wrong.

Has that ever happened to you?

Perhaps you weren’t great at managing, articulating your expectations, or you just haven’t found anyone you really connect with.

Joining our host, Matt Halloran, is returning guest Marci Bair and her partner, Victor Orozco, of Bair Financial LLC to discuss how you can build a successful partnership within your firm.

Marci made a previous appearance on Top Advisor Marketing Podcast where she discussed how you can truly niche yourself; however, she wouldn’t have obtained her current level of success if not for Victor.  

If you’re thinking about broadening your firm and want to grow with someone, listen today to learn valuable advice on how you can make a lasting partnership.


Links: Victor Orozco LinkedIn | Marci Bair LinkedIn | Bair Financial LLC

Episode 133 - Professional Style with Rich Mbariket

January 22, 2019

Are you interested in growing your professional wardrobe? Is it time to add a splash of color or a new fabric to those tried-and-true suits? Have you always taken pride in your appearance, but you're not sure what the next steps are? 

If you've asked yourself those questions, this is the episode for you! Matt welcomes personal stylist and menswear professional Rich Mbariket to today's show to discuss easy tips to help men spice up their wardrobes. 

As the founder of his self-named company, located in Las Vegas, Rich provides clients with direction when it comes to converting the tried and true into the new and stylish. With a focus on converting stuffy to approachable, Rich helps men select great professional outfits, whether it's for your 9-5 office job or for an evening out. 

If you're ready for a style make over and to make 2019 the year you're a contender for best-dressed in the office, this an episode you won't want to miss! 

Links: Rich Mbariket LinkedIn | RichMbariket.com

Episode 132 - Lifestyle Marketing with Eric Gaddy

January 22, 2019

More and more, we see people promoting the concept of work-life balance. If you're ready to offer your clients the opportunity to retire early and get on living, you'll love our next/returning guest Eric Gaddy! 

As the author and owner of Retire Early, Eric is an expert in getting your financial house in order so that you can live life outside the office. Today with our host, Matt Halloran, Eric will discuss how financial professionals can use the retire early lifestyle to market and prospect for clients. 

If you're considering early retirement or are simply ready to offer your clients more living, be sure to listen in today! 

And if you missed Eric's original podcast, you can find it HERE!

Links: Eric Gaddy LinkedIn | "Retire Early - What are you waiting for?"- The Book | How To Retire Early Website | Retire Early Resources

Episode 131 - Revolutionizing Asset Management with Scott MacKillop

January 17, 2019

Our host, Matt Halloran, is continuously looking to bring on guests who offer something unique and different that you can apply to your own practice to stand out from the advisor down the street.

Joining Matt today is industry veteran Scott MacKillop to discuss his revolutionary business, First Ascent Asset Management. Here are just a few of First Ascent's unique offerings for advisors:

1. The industry's first flat-fee asset management services.

2. Elegantly simple portfolios that focus on being broadly diversified with few holdings and infrequent trades.

3. An entirely virtual experience, which keeps costs down and customer service up!

If you're ready to provide a high quality service that will lower your costs and the costs to your clients, be sure to listen in today with Scott and Matt!

Links: Scott MacKillop LinkedIn | First Ascent Asset Management | First Ascent Knowledge Centre

Ep 130 - Social Media Methodology with Ian Moyse

January 15, 2019

Are you wondering about the value of social media in your financial practice? Our expert guest Ian Moyse offers his insight into the true value of social media in your prospecting efforts.

Joining host Matt Halloran from across the pond, Ian is the sales director of Natterbox, a done-for-you digital communications solution. 

These two social media gurus explore the hard and fast reality that social media isn't your technology fix. It will never replace traditional methods. But working in symbiosis with your prospecting avenues can create a stronger and more reliable sales stream. 

 If you're ready to explore what social media should mean to your company, listen in today!

Links: Ian Moyse LinkedIn | Natterbox

Episode 129 - The Freedom Practice with Craig Hersch

January 10, 2019

Today we're changing up a few things on Top Advisor Marketing Podcast! Our host Matt Halloran is joined by estate planning attorney Craig Hersch!

Craig is the creator of The Freedom Practice, a practice management program that helps estate planning attorneys grow their practice. These unique tactics don't just apply in the world of law, but can help you make your practice fundamentally unique and different! 

Craig is an expert at what he does. He is a host of his own podcast, an editor at Trusts & Estate Magazine, and a contributor to wealthmanagement.com. 

Be sure to listen in today and learn how you can create growth in your own practice! 

Links: 4GameChange PodcastCraig Hersch LinkedIn| Common Cents Estate Planning: Practical Advice You Should Consider With Your Attorney, CPA and Financial Advisor